My name is Damir Mukhamadiev. I’m aware that everybody gets nervous when it’s time to go to a dentist. I believe if a patient gets to know his doctor better he will be likely to trust him. And that is why I decided to get this website up and running. This way, you will definitely get to know me better.

Healthy and happy patients are a simple guide in my practice which I’ve been doing for more than 15 years both in Russia and Europe.

I am keen on my job. Dentistry is not only my medical profession but also the topic of my research I’ve been doing at all the top universities of Germany.

I’m often asked why I chose German to study at. I actually completed a 4-year postgraduate Residency Program majoring in Dental Surgery at Heidelberg University (Germany) where I successfully passed the examination as a Board Certified Oral Surgeon. In 2015 I’ve completed a Master degree in Dental implantology at Goethe University (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).  In 2016 Frankfurt  University appointed me as Academic Tutor in Postgraduate program of Implantology.

German medicine appeals to me because of its innovative technology, advanced methods of treatment, well-defined certification and unification of service quality as well as rigorous assessment by colleagues and inspection authorities. In the country one can be recognized as a professional only by doing his job properly rather than by, say, “buying it”.

I put knowledge acquired abroad into use in my daily dental practice by making the most recent medical advances available to my patients. Sincerely yours, Mukhamadiev Damir,

Dr. med. dent., MSc., dental implant surgeon, oral surgeon, maxillo-facial surgeon.

Graduate of Heidelberg University (Germany).

Master of Oral Implantology (Germany)

EAO, ICOI Certified Specialist in Implant Therapy